So in a sense your depression and anxiety may even get worse before you get better. The early days of sobriety are challenging. The physical and pscyhological withdrawals are one thing, but learning how to live as a sober person with problems that can’t be masked in alcohol is quite another.

The difference between then and now is that I have tools to get back to true freedom–where all the nonsense I am putting myself through mentally has no validity. It is not the mere fact that I am away from mind-altering substances, but it is because of the spiritual actions that can free my mind from itself.

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But you and your situation are far different from mine. About the only thing we can agree that we have in common is that when we drink we do it in excess. Stop the alcohol from getting into our bloodstream and we have remedied only one of our issues. The other unique issues will be easier to address with a sober mind.

But then, just like most timeshares, you get stuck with it and you have to go there whether you want to or not. Then you try to get out of the deal, but you’re committed – you’re invested too deep, you can’t even give the fuckin’ thing away. Next thing you know it’s costing you more than you ever imagined. This timeshare condo in hell isn’t sobriety sucks just costing you money , it is also costing you your health, your friendships, your relationships with lovers, spouses and family. It will cost you success at work and in your private life. Just take my word for it, this timeshare will cost you everything you ever had, you ever accomplished, you ever valued, loved or respected in your life.

Mark Tuschel

You can do all of this and have all of this – but only once you have accepted that sobriety is your own choice. It’s okay to drink, it’s even okay to get drunk. Many people are capable of being responsible social drinkers – but I am not one of them.

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We usually start drinking alcoholically because we are trying to hide from something. Maybe we feel lonely or lost an important relationship. Or perhaps our life isn’t going the way we planned. We’re stuck in a miserable job and have lost hope that anything can change. I liked his contrariness to AA and I always find some gems in recovery books that make them worth the read.

First time

Many of the changes may not turn out how you plan or expect – sorry. But here’s a crazy twist; some things may turn out better than you ever expected. I want to ask you, What do YOU want out of sobriety? I had never been asked this question at a meeting. It doesnt seem to fall in with any of the traditional 12-steps. You need to know and see in concrete terminology and form EXACTLY what you want to gain, regain, have or do. I would like you to write out EXACTLY what you want and dont want out of sobriety.

‘Hellraiser’ Review: Pinhead And The Lament Configuration Bring No Pleasure, Only Pain – Deadline

‘Hellraiser’ Review: Pinhead And The Lament Configuration Bring No Pleasure, Only Pain.

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Knowing what you dont want is equally as important as knowing what you do want. In fact, knowing what you dont want may actually be more important to some of you. Its worth the effort to make both lists. Ill be giving you examples of actual lists shortly. I admit that I liked the sensation the first time I got drunk .

Living Sober Sucks (but living drunk sucks more) By: Mark A. Tuschel

Sobriety starts to get better when you stop living exclusively in your painful past and start caring about a future that has potential. The point is to find activities to fill the time and help you become a better person. You’ll start to transform your identity into someone who shows up, does the hard work, and looks smoking hot in a swimsuit. Now, not every program or therapy approach is going to work for you.

  • Remember how family and friends wouldn’t return calls or didn’t trust to leave you alone.
  • I would never say that alcohol should be banned or that it’s bad.
  • All I have done is organized and restated complicated thoughts with uncomplicated words.
  • People that I thought were my friends talked shit about me, tried to undermine what I was trying to do and some even became fearful of me.

I wish I could get drunk, I liked getting drunk, some of the best times I ever had were while I was drunk. I did a lot of things I never would have done sober.

I feel that one of my strongest attributes is my ability to accept that where I am today is a result of what I did yesterday. It’s a simple way of saying that I am responsible for all of the good and bad choices I have made. It is a fact that other people, unforeseen circumstances and happenings affect our lives, but to steal a phrase, I believe that I reap what I’ve sown.

Guys that worked at breweries were not only allowed to drink at work, they were encouraged. It was great to go on brewery tours here in Milwaukee. We would walk around the plant, listen to their bullshit about that brewery’s history for an hour, then get tanked out of our skull afterwards. They would let us sit there and have as much free beer as we could drink after the tour. I would’ve never left except that the lounge closed at 8pm. I must further acknowledge that this book is dedicated to all the people that listened to my blubbering whiney ass while I was going through my sobering up process.

Living Sober Sucks

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  • For those who aren’t into AA, I recommend Annie Grace’s support programs.
  • Regardless of whether youve been drinking for only a short time or for years, it is going to suck when you first sober up.
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  • But that’s only if the other person is interested in reading about them.
  • I make no claim that my strategies are right for YOU.